Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Real reason why blacks are not dying of the coro virus

As at today march 17 2020 so many countries has been affected by corona virus also know as covid-19 .Countries like china the the total of about 80,849 infected and about 3,199 death cases confirmed , an also in italy about 21,157 infected cases and about 1,441 death cases confirmed and so many more countries , hence this virus is highly contagious but have low death rate.
The aim of this article is to let Africans, especially the Nigerians know that we are not immune to this virus and hence be carefully and do everything possible to stay safe .

Although we cant be affected that much compare to the European countries due to the following reasons :

1 . Our weather condition is not favorable for the transmission of the covid-19, Scientific prove shows that the virus spread faster in a cold environment.

2 . Also history has proven that the African immune system is far stronger than the immune system of other continent .

Feel free to give reasons why you think Africans are doing so well in fighting against this virus especially Nigerians .

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